Virtual Assistant Services

Are you at the point in your online business where you have considered hiring a virtual assistant but struggle with what you would actually have them do and how it will figure into your budget?

It can be scary to give up control of the business you’ve built from scratch, but hiring a virtual assistant for just a few hours can help! Get hours back you would have spent scheduling posts and creating graphics and focus on what YOU want!

Here’s how I can help:

Get Your Time Back:  Workout with friends, play with your kids, or go to bed early, and let me post your social media and lead generators for you! Enjoy the little things you haven’t been able to for months!

Save Money:  I work as an independent contractor so you wouldn’t need to worry about hiring a full time employee. Use the services that fit your budget + time when needed and as your business grows.

Little Training Needed:  I work with multiple social media platforms to schedule posts and image curation which means I can jump right in to help you in those areas. Need something else not listed? Contact me about what you are needing and I will work to learn a new program.

Watch Your Business Grow:  With some of your time back, you are available to talk to clients, work on content or do some professional development without being bogged down to find the perfect graphic for a post.

I’ve Been There:  I understand the pressures of trying to run a successful business. I’ve been a work at home mom for 2 years and can relate to wanting to grow my business the right way. I also know how stressful it can be. Know that you are in good hands as your business moves forward!

I am passionate about helping female entrepreneurs succeed by taking some tasks off their plate and recommending their services to my friends and family.

I would love to hear about your goals and dreams for your business!


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Scheduling, Hootsuite, Buffer, Facebook, Twitter, Tailwind, Latergram, Mailchimp

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Instagram curation, Infographics, Blog Graphics, Canva, Pic Monkey



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Basic Bundle

10 hrs of Virtual Assistance per month

Scheduling social media posts

Image and graphic curation


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Busy Bundle

20 hrs of Virtual Assistance per month

Scheduling social media posts

Image and graphic curation

Email and client customer service support

Weekly brainstorming meeting