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HIIT Workout

Need a new workout?!  Try this one!  

Fit for Fall Workout

If you live in the Midwest, you know that last week it was almost 90 degrees.  Come on summer…I’m over you.  Anyone else? I’m committed to giving you more workouts and things to do in the cooler weather.  Maybe we

October Fitness Challenge!

Each month, I try to do a 30 day fitness challenge.  This month, we’re working on those stubborn thigh areas!  This is a constant area of concern for my clients (and women everywhere!) and although it’s hard to spot reduce,

September Monthly Challenge

Each month, I run a monthly challenge.  Things to try to accomplish each day.  For September, our goal is to work up to 10,000 steps!  You may already do this in your daily job, workout plan, etc, but I would

Vacation Workout #4

Here’s the last workout in my 4 part series of vacation workouts. Any of these can be done at home or on the road without equipment.  If you are short on time, go through this one, 1x.  If not, repeat