May Push-Up Challenge with Video Demonstrations!

May is next week!  Here is next month’s challenge:


may Push-up challenge (2)


Push-ups are a huge pain point exercise, especially for women.  It has taken me years to be able to do them consistently throughout a workout with proper form.  But they are so effective.  Not only do they work arms, but your core, legs, and chest.  They are one of my favorites so I wanted to share with you a challenge to get your arms strong and fit by summer.  Below, I have some variations to help with whatever level you’re at.  Beginners, start against a wall and slowly decrease your angle as you get stronger. Wherever  you do them, engage your core and bend your arms to 90 degrees.  You can do it!  Stay strong!


Tabata 8 Workout

Tabata 8
Perform each move for 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.
Repeat 8x or 4 min before moving on to the next move. Total of 32 min.

Jumping Lunges
Dead Lift High Pull
Walking Plank
Dumbbell Swings
Mt. Climbers


Dumbbell Arms Workout – 5 Exercises to Sculpt and Define!


Check out this awesome 5 part Arm Series Workout:


Anterior Raises

Flash Curls

Reverse Flys

Alternating Shoulder Tap Curls

3 rounds of 10 reps each with light weights.

15 Minute Low Impact, No Equipment Workout Video!

Workout without any high impact moves in your own home without equipment!  You can do it!


All Area Abs

Hit all 4 areas of your abs with these moves! 10 per exercise. 2x through at the end of your workout.


Bicycle crunches

Side obliques crunch (right side)

Side obliques crunch (left side)

Mini V-ups