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Hot Chocolate Race Recap

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I ran the popular Hot Chocolate 15k Race on Sunday, Dec 10th and let me say, I had apprehension about this one. Honestly not with the distance, but with the whole experience/organization of it all. I ran it back in

Halloween 10k Race Recap + What I’ve Learned About My Fitness 1 Year Postpartum

The fall is usually my racing season to hit a few 5ks, a 10k and a half.  Last year at this time I was having Micah (haha!) and getting back to my post partum racing schedule has taken much longer

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Running Wod’s

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With this summer heat, it’s been nearly impossible to get in more than 3 miles without extreme exhaustion and fatigue. So how about working smarter, not harder?  Get your run in and be more efficient in burning calories.  Try out

Global Running Day Link Up!

Hello, and thanks for stopping by!  If you are new here, welcome to My Fit Finish, where I hope to encourage other women to be fit & spiritually focused in their own race of life.  Hebrews 12:1 says to “throw

How I Continue to Run with a Growing Belly

I’ll be 16 weeks this Sunday, and I wanted to talk about my workouts a little more in depth and how they are different this time around.  With Liam, I lifted with mostly machines, free weights and little to no